Happy barfday, @shanecrump!!!! Thank you so much for all of the advice you’ve given me and, well, everything else too. Kill it in Florida this week!! 💙💙💙

Valentino Haute Couture Fall 2014
Happiest of birthdays to the Lord of Nerds, @dennydiablo!!! Here’s to another year well lived! See you soon, my friend🎉🎁👨🍺💙💙

"This is part of our living room. We call it “the shrine” because we don’t know what else to call it. " - itsblackfridayOriginal post here.


Was inspired by the picture one of my followers edited, so I got bored and did this.
Terrible quality photo of Shawn and I, but that’s beside the point. 
The man is now on Twitter @ShawnTheMilke! Give him a follow and show him some love!!
Anonymous: What is the Alesana project you mentioned on twitter?

I’m afraid I’ll only answer this one off of anon, sorry!

That said, if Katie or I haven’t let you in on this project, please get in touch with one of us!!